Pay-By-Space Parking Meters


We are working hard behind the scenes to continuously improve the parking experience in Amherst!

The pay-by-space meters are designed to not only make parking easier and more convenient but they also look better than the many conventional meters they have replaced.

How to Use the New Meters & Features

When you exit your vehicle look for the space number on the ground behind your car. Remember the space number, walk to any meter, enter your space number and follow the instructions on the screen.

No receipt is needed as the computer in the machine keeps track of the payment by space. At any point, you can confirm your time remaining by approaching any machine, enter the space number, and it will display the time remaining. The meter will “confirm” a credit card payment by displaying the word on the screen, and it is not paid if the “confirm” doesn’t happen. Credit card payment is dependent on a computer network being up and wirelessly communicating, so there are occasional failures.
  • Credit card payment
  • Coin payment
  • Remember your space number and pay or add time at any 1 of the new meters anywhere in Town


  • Parking Garage
  • Spring Street Lot
  • Main Street Lot
  • North Pleasant Street Lot
  • Town Hall Lot
  • Amity Street Lot