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This service is brought to you by the Animal Welfare Office. Please direct questions and comments to Carol Hepburn, Animal Welfare Officer, by email (hepburnc@amherstma.gov) or by phone (413-478-7084).

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Back with Owner! A black and white long-haired Siberian cat was last see on Sunday, December, 11, 2016 on High St in Amherst.  His name is Chico.  He weighs about 15 pounds.  He is wearing a blue collar with a rabies tag and Chico tag.  Please contact the owner at 413-687-8851 or email.
An orange and yellow mix breed cat was last see on the evening of Saturday, December,3, 2016 at the Boulders near East Hadley Rd in Amherst.  His name is Mustasa.  He weighs between 10 and 15 pounds.  He has subtle striping in his fur but looks like a solid color from a distance. He is not wearing a collar.  Please contact the owner at 413-442-3720 or email.
A mixed breed blond dog was last seen Saturday, October 22, 2016 on Station Rd in Amherst. Her name is Jett, she is about 40 lbs, looks like a shrunken golden retriever. She is deaf and doesn't see well, but is friendly.  She is wearing a collar with a blue bone shaped tag. Please call 570-412-1296 or  email.
A gray long haired cat was last seen Monday, October 17, 2016 around Speedway on Route 9 in Amherst. His name is Ully and he has some white markings on his feet. He is not wearing a collar. Please call 413-210-5653 or  email.
A domestic short haired cat was last seen Monday, September 26, 2016 in Rolling Green Apartments in Amherst. His name is Vincent, he is black and has a blue collar. Please call 612-581-2501 or  email.
A tortoise shell female cat was FOUND on Labor Day weekend, September 2016 on Station Rd in Amherst. She is small and looks young. She is friendly, skinny and hungry and likes people. She is not wearing a collar.  Please call 413-687-7591 or  email.
A domestic long haired cat was last see on the morning of Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at the Boulders Apartments at 171 Brittany Manor Dr in Amherst.  Her name is Ginseng.  She is a calico cat and is not wearing a collar.  Please contact  email.
A domestic shorthaired cat was last see on the evening of Monday, August 29, 2016 on Glendale Road Amherst.  His name is Sam.  He is a black cat with splotches of white on his chest and belly. He is not wearing a collar.  Please contact the owner at 321-431-0231 or email.
A shorthaired cat was last see on Thursday, August 19, 2016 on State Street in North Amherst.  His name is Ricky.  He is a black cat with white chest, paws and tail tip.  He has yellow eyes and is not wearing a collar.  Please contact the owner at 413-336-7765 or email.
A Chocolate Lab/Springer Spaniel mix was last see on the evening of Friday, August 12, 2016 on Teawaddle Hill Road in Leverett near Amherst Rd.  Her name is Matilda and she is brown, medium size (about 45 pounds) and is 13 years old.  She is wearing a collar with a Leverett dog license #103.  Please contact the owner at 413-448-4566 or email.
A white with some orange domestic short haired cat was last seen Saturday July 30, 2016 on Strong Street in Amherst.  His name is Zabu and he is not hearing a collar.  He is mostly white with some orange on his head and a couple of orange spots on his body.     Please contact the owner at 413-992-6000 or  email.
A male Ragdoll cat was last seen on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 on Larkspur Dr in Amherst. Babycat has long white hair, blue eyes, tan ears and points.  He is not wearing a collar. Please contact the owner at 413-687-4361 or by email.
A black and brown medium haired cat was FOUND roaming around Middle Street, Amherst since February. The cat does not have a collar and is very shy. Has yellow ears and also is missing some fur on the side of it.   Please call 413-992-7171 or  email.
A gray domestic short-cat haired cat was FOUND on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 on Rolling Ridge Rd in Amherst. She is gray with yellow eyes.  Please call 413-549-1513 or  email.
A Maine Coon mix cat was last seen on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 near Daniel Shays and Shutesbury Rd area in Pelham. She is a black, peach and white large long-haired cat.   She is not wearing a collar. Please contact the owner at 413-636-8973 or by email.
An all black cat was last seen on Tuesday, September 8, 2015. Petra is average-sized all black cat with no markings.  She is a little on the chubby side with green eyes.  She is also very shy.  She is not wearing a collar. Please contact the owner at 917-822-2438 or by email.
A hefty tuxedo cat, wearing a red collar with no tags, was last seen on Sunday, July 26th at Market Hill Road, Amherst. Rocky is a 6 year-old domestic shorthair, tuxedo colored (black with white bib, snout and paw tips). He is noticeably overweight at 17.5 pounds. Please contact the owner at 413-992-7462 or by email.

A large tuxedo cat, part Maine Coon, was last seen on Friday, July 24th at 35 Emily Lane, Amherst. His name is Coco. He is up to date on all of his shots as of June 2015. Coco is very people-friendly and social. He was wearing a quick release collar with a round red tag with his name and phone number. Please contact the owner at 413-237-8815 or by email.
A black lab and beagle mix dog, was last seen on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 50 Railroad St, Amherst.  His name is Dennis. He is a medium sized black dog (looks like a small and skinnier lab) with white bib and paws.  He is wearing a collar. Please contact the owner at 203-505-0154 or by email.
A small calico cat, was last seen on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 29 Pelham Rd, Amherst.  Her name is Athena. She has white legs and tummy and her chin/neck is ginger. She has black patches elsewhere (some striping in the dark areas).  She is not wearing a collar. Please contact the owner at 413-548-4097 or by email.